Thursday, March 5, 2015

favorite healthy breakfast

In an effort to lose some baby weight, I've been eating healthier this week and hoping to continue the trend for the next few months. For breakfast, I'm a french toast/pancakes/waffles kind of girl- all the way. I just love sweet things for breakfast. However, I also really like eggs and since those are much healthier than the aforementioned items, I've been sticking with eggs for breakfast lately. My favorite (healthy) way to make eggs is over-easy, served over sautéed veggies. I mix up my veggie routine but almost always include a sweet potato. 
First, I slice the veggies really thinly (I use my food processor so I can do this in about 2 seconds). Next I heat a little olive oil in a pan and sauté the sweet potatoes and other vegetables (today spinach and zucchini) with some salt and pepper. I add some minced garlic near the end so that it doesn't burn, but still gives a good flavor. 
Once my veggies are cooked, I put them on a plate and cook my eggs in the same pan with a little water.
That's it - super easy, fast, healthy, and filling!  

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