Friday, March 20, 2015

5 on Friday

the kids are alright... This was my first week of solo during-the-day parenting after four blissful weeks of having Nick home with us on paternity leave. We sure do miss him but the week went surprisingly well and we are getting used to just the three of us again. 
my breakfast date... On Wednesday, we had to get out of the house early because we had some people working on it and we ended up going out for breakfast. Charlotte slept in the Ergo and Hayden and I had a lovely time chatting and sharing our toast and oatmeal with one another. I treasure these moments where I can spend a little "alone" time with him.   
St. Patrick's Day...  I bought this shirt for Hayden to wear for St. Patrick's Day and it's become one of his favorites. It's so cute to here him say "Phenomenal!" (Can you tell what my week has been about?! Kids, kids, and more kids...) 
Soooo late to the game... but OMG Serial! I read about it back when it came out and filed it in my brain of things to listen to eventually. Two weeks ago I took a long hike with Charlotte and listened to two episodes in a row and was hooked. Now I try and find time to listen to it when I can and am obsessed. I'm on episode 10...

//looking forward to the weekend// 

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