Friday, March 6, 2015

5 on Friday

1. 2 months with Miss Charlotte... My littlest love is 2 months old today (already!) and we are loving getting to know this sweet one more and more each day. I'll do a full post sometime next week ;)

2. #Boymom: I posted this on instagram the other day but I just love how brave and independent Hayden is becoming. He is always telling us, "Now Hayden's turn." He loves to climb and explore and though it terrifies me to see him balancing on a rock high above my head, I love his fearlessness.
3. Paternity leave continues... I think we've convinced Nick to take just one more week off to hang out with us. Not that he took too much convincing ;)

4. Favorite Pandora station: I like to listen to the same music over and over and over. (Case in point, my one playlist on my phone is titled Fall 2013... and I'm still listening to it.) However, I enjoy when I find a new station to listen to on Pandora. Lately it's been The Head & The Heart radio. Easy listening for working, making dinner, or car rides (when the 2 and half year old isn't demanding Tay Tay... )  
5.  Bathroom refresh... This week (randomly) we decided to start working on our downstairs bathroom again. It's really the last room of our house that still has some of the original 80s feel to it (hello oak cabinets...). We are trying to finish it off without spending any money really so we'll see how it goes! I'll share more pictures soon. 

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