Thursday, March 12, 2015

2 months of Charlotte Mae

Hard to believe that Charlotte is already 2 months old. (For future reference, I will probably say that every time I write a post about her...) Little Miss is getting so much more alert these days. She is smiling and focusing on our faces and showing us a little more of her personality. The first month or so, we were saying she always looked suspicious but these days, she looks likes she trusts us a little more- haha. 
Charlotte is still a great sleeper, and consistently sleeps about 7- 10 hours at a time at night. She wakes up once to eat and then sleeps until about 7 am. Not too shabby for a 2 month old! There have been a couple of nights where she's a little harder to settle down and I end up bringing her into our bed (not that I get mad about it- I love cuddling a little baby at night). She doesn't always nap in her crib as well during the day, usually going down easily and waking up like 20 minutes later. So I usually let her sleep next to me while I work on our bed or in the ergo/baby wrap or in her swing. She's a pro at napping on the go and thru noise (#secondbaby). 
Poor thing has had a fussy month with lots and lots of spitting up. She definitely seems to have some tummy troubles. Everything I've read online and in books suggests giving up dairy and seeing if that's the culprit. So I've been doing that since last week (no fun!). It takes up to 3 weeks to see a difference, but I hope that's what it is so Charlotte can start feeling better for longer periods of the day. Also, our doctor has decided to see if some reflux/heartburn medication may help her feel better. She hasn't gained as much weight as he would have liked to see and it might be attributed to her spitting up so much. 
She is currently 9 lbs, 2 oz. and 21 inches long. While she's still a tiny little thing, Miss Charlotte has definitely been growing. She is officially out of newborn diapers and is now in cloth diapers like brother (2 kids in cloth diapers- a little bit scary!). She still mostly wears newborn clothes but some of her 0-3 month clothing fits sort of so I've been putting her in those outfits since they are so much cuter ;) 
Hayden enjoys laying on the ground with Sister and playing toys or "holding" her. I can't wait until she's old enough to be a playmate for him.  

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