Monday, February 16, 2015

our heartsy weekend

We had a lovely Valentines' weekend with some of our best friends. They came out form New York to meet Charlotte and hang out for the long weekend. Hayden was especially excited about our trip to the airport! We started the weekend off with a picnic in the park, enjoying the warm sunshine.
//hanging out in the car @ the park'n'call//
 Saturday morning, we had a special Valentine's Day brunch for Hayden and our friends and my sister. It was so fun to decorate and have little presents for everyone.
Since Charlotte was too small to really enjoy her Valentine's Day gift or participate in brunch, her main Valentine's fun was multiple outfit/headband changes...
That night, after the kiddos were in bed, we prepared a Valentine's Day dinner. We made lobster tail, bacon-wrapped filets, sweet potatoes, chilled brussels sprout salad, and cheese cake. (Of course there was plenty of wine for all!)
It was such a fun weekend where we spent time trying to reiterate the point to our friends that CA > NYC and they should move out here... I think we have them mostly convinced ;)  
After they left today, we spent some family time at the park, where Hayden was the cutest, walking around his his sunglasses on his head.

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