Tuesday, February 10, 2015

favorite baby items: month one

month 1

1. Solly Baby Wrap: This has been a lifesaver as a mom of 2. I can wear Charlotte comfortably around the house while having my hands free to help Hayden. The material is so soft and stretchy and it is easy to put on. 

2. Summer Infant Portable Co-Sleeper: We bought this little bassinet this time around because I was nervous about co-sleeping with Charlotte in our bed, yet knew it was bound to happen for the first couple weeks. This one is perfect because it fit easily on our bed without being too crowded. It folds up easily so we can travel with it and when we moved Charlotte to her own room, we just stuck this in her crib instead of having her sleep in a giant crib. I think it's been one factor that has helped her get some good sleep this past month. 

3. Summer Infant Comfy Bath Sponge: This is similar to the one that we have and perfect for shared bath time. It's so cheap too! We used it with Hayden and now with Miss Charlotte again. 

4. Little Hipsqueaks Headbands: These are the cutest, softest headbands and we have 3 different ones. I love the big knot and the adorable patterns. I have to stop myself from buying one in every color! 

5. Honest Company diapers: As long as Charlotte is too tiny for the cloth diapers, we will continue to use the Honest company diapers. They come in really cute patterns, are better for the environment than most diapers, and are so easy to order online. The shipping is super fast so if I notice we are running low, I can order them that day and they usually show up the next day. (Maybe because we live in California, and the company is in LA but either way, we are grateful!)

6. Sound Machine: We have 2 of these - one in each of the kids' rooms. Since Charlotte's room is an extension of ours, this drowns out any noise we are making at night and the white noise is soothing. Nick and I are surrounded by ocean sounds on all sides- it's almost like being in Hawaii (ha!) 

So, those are my favs for this month! What are some of your go-to baby products? 

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