Thursday, February 5, 2015

brought to you by the letter P...

(we've been on a sesame street kick lately...)
Yesterday, Hayden was diagnosed with pneumonia. It's not super serious, but the poor guy has been sick off and on since Thanksgiving and has consistently had a hacking cough. We went to the doctor yesterday, thinking he may have had an ear infection and it turns out that he has fluid in his ear plus pneumonia - so another round of antibiotics and fingers crossed that he finally starts feeling better!
Today, we are spending the whole day at home, laying low and helping this sweet boy recover.
Inadvertently, everything we did so far today started with the letter P. So we dubbed today our "P" day!
We started out by making a pillow and blanket fort. Hayden has as much fun creating the fort and sitting in it as he did tearing it down. We used a flashlight and read our  current favorite Pete the Cat book.

Next, Hayden decided today was the day that he would use the potty.  We haven't been pushing it too hard, especially since Little Sister was born but he announced that he needed to go and wanted to use the blue potty. He sat on 3 different potties in the house and was very patient (and successful!).
After our potty accomplishment, Hayden and I made some Pumpkin Bread. He has been asking to make banana bread the last couple days, but we didn't have enough ripe bananas so we made some pumpkin bread instead. I snuck in some carrots since this kid still refuses to eat a single vegetable.
We also colored a purple P  with some special pens
All this was fueled by the Peet's Coffee that Nicholas very sweetly dropped off before heading out on a work trip.  :)

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