Thursday, February 26, 2015

5 on friday

1. Favorite T-shirt: I discovered this shirt at Anthropologie and now own four! They are the softest shirts and super flattering for anyone with a post-baby body. They are a really good length and look a little more dressed up than the average tee. I hadn't really bought any post-baby clothes before this, but it's nice to have some options that I can feel good in!
(Also, they are good shirts for nursing a babe)
2. Date Night! Our first one since Little Miss made her debut! My sister is babysitting for us tonight so we can go to dinner and a movie. I'm so so excited and hoping that it's an easy night for my sister with the babies!
A date night long before we were parents - #babies #wellrested
3. My little guy...  Hayden has been showing his independent streak lately and for the most part it makes me so happy. He used to always ask for help with everything but he's been trying new things at the park and being much more adventurous. I can't tell you how much I love this age (terrible 2 tantrums and all!) 
4.  And just because I can't show you one without the other ;) 
5. This rug...We have been living with our bare bones bathroom for a couple months and after trying out 2 different rugs, we've ordered another one from World Market and hoping that this one is a good fit. It comes next week and we are excited to finally start decorating the space. 


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