Thursday, February 19, 2015

5 on Friday

1. Paternity Leave:  Nick has taken off this week and the next two to stay home with me and the babes. I'm back to work (exclusively from home) so it's nice to have someone to help out with the kiddos so I can transition back into working full time. I can already tell that we are going to miss him terribly when this sweet time is over. Thank goodness we have lots of vacations planned this year so we'll get more time with him this year. 
2. Double Stroller = No joke. We finally installed the second seat in our double stroller this week (before this I would just wear Charlotte in the Ergo for all our walks) and I took both kids to the park yesterday. It was such a workout pushing that stroller on the uneven ground and up and down hills. I don't think I even need to try and find time to go to the gym anymore ;) 
3. Made me laugh...  I logged into yesterday and apparently I forgot to update my profile once Charlotte was born. Could you imagine?!
 4. Baby smiles: Charlotte gave us her first smiles last weekend and I've been seeing even more of them over this past week. Melts my heart to see that big toothless grin!
5. I think Hayden and need these shirts... pretty much sums up our mornings ;) 


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