Thursday, January 15, 2015

One week in...

We've officially been home together as a family of four for one week and what a week it has been; full of adjustments, some tears, lots of love, lots of coffee, and plenty of dirty diapers! 
I think I will forever cherish the memories of this week. I've never felt like Nick and I are more of a team than I have this past week. We've been juggling responsibilities and kids back and forth, trying to make sure both kids are getting enough attention. We've taken turns rocking the baby, singing lullabies, fixing food, and putting each kid to bed. Every night, when both kids are peacefully sleeping and we have a few minutes alone together, I feel like we've accomished something big- making through another day. I know everyone with multiple kids juggles this and much more, but doing this together is making it so much sweeter. Nick is heading back to work today and I will sorely miss my partner! 
This week has been challenging but also with plenty of those moments that have made my heart feel unbelievably full. 
When both kids fell asleep and I stayed in the Lowe's parking lot with them while Nick ran in to pick up more things for our never-ending renovations:
When Hayden quickly brings me a paci as soon as Charlotte starts to cry.  
When we were having an especially trying night and we took the kids and Lucy for a late walk and covertly split a beer while talking the whole way.  
When Hayden leans over to gently kiss Sister on the head each night before bed.  
When we all pile into the rocker to read a story together. 
I'm sure we'll have many more ups and downs as we navigate this new territory of parenting 2 kids, but I can only say that this first week in has made me love my little family more fiercely than I ever thought possible. 

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