Thursday, January 29, 2015

5 on friday

Valentine's Fun: This week, Hayden and I spent a quiet morning crafting some valentines, while Charlotte was napping. Last year we hosted a fun playgroup Valentine's Day party but I don't think we are quite up for it this year. Still excited for one of my favorite holidays! 
Bringing up Bébé: I am not reading 10 different parenting books this time around (like I did with Hayden) but I have heard good things about this one and ordered it on Amazon. I am really enjoying it so far and feel like it fits in with our more laid back parenting approach this second time around. 
Walk, walk, walking: I have my postpartum check-up next week and am hoping for the green light to start some more rigorous exercise and finally get back to the gym. Until then, I've been taking lots of walks with the kids, mostly to the park. Pushing a stroller and wearing a baby can definitely make a walk a little more strenuous than usual... We are lucky to have such mild weather this January and have been outside soaking up the sun almost everyday.  
Bedroom updates: After living in our house for almost 3 years, we are finally getting around to decorating and finishing up our bedroom. We are adding pieces that we actually love, instead of a hodge-podge of hand-me-downs. Here's a little peak at some bookshelves Nick built for the space. 
One more week... Next week is my last week off of work. I've really been enjoying this time of just focusing on the kids. However, I don't actually have to leave the house (or them), so I'm not as upset about the transition back this time around. 

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