Monday, January 5, 2015


Usually I'm all about making resolutions for the new year but not so much this year. With a new baby on the way (any day now!) and a toddler, plus work, and just life in general, I'm not going to make any lofty goals for this year. Instead, I'm hoping that we just learn to live and grow as a family of four. Last year was busy, busy, busy for us and though adding another kid to the mix won't make things any less crazy, I'm hoping we can slow down and spend more time at home and with each other this year. 
We don't have any major projects planned for the house for the new year- things finally feel done-ish in that department. Of course there are always little things to tackle but we are taking the pressure off and not worrying about those projects anytime soon. 
We are planning a few trips this year- mostly with family. We hope to go to Hawaii in May with my side of the family and to Disneyland next summer with Nick's side. We also will be attending (and participating in) the wedding of my best friend in October in Ohio. We're hoping to sneak in some time in Kentucky during that trip since Nick and I haven't been back since college.
Nick and I will both be turning 30 this year and Hayden will be 3. Time is flying by and we want to savor it as much as we can!
I have a feeling 2015 is going to be a great year!  

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