Tuesday, December 16, 2014

reno progress

So, as is customary in the world of renovations, we are behind schedule. We thought we would be wrapping up last week but we are still looking at a week or more of work to do. It's mostly because some things we ordered are taking their time showing up to the house and delaying progress. Our shower head came in 4.5 weeks after we ordered it. Our sink came in, was cracked and the replacement should be here after Christmas. Despite some setbacks, we have seen some good progress in both the bathroom and the baby's room. 
The bathroom now is painted, has 2 of it's 3 light fixtures and tiling began last week. Since we are doing subway tile to the ceiling it's pretty time intensive. Our contractor thinks he'll be done with that today and can move on to the shower floor and the rest of the bathroom floor. The tiling should be done by Thursday/Friday this week.
  We also removed the door that leads into our room and installed a barn door. The door opened up into the bathroom and made things feel a little cramped. Now with the barn door, we can slide it along the wall. Plus we love the unique look.
Speaking of doors, the french doors are in on the other side of the room and I love them. It is so bright in the baby's room now with the doors and a window. Thanks to my mom, dad, and sister, we were able to get the room painted in a weekend. I chose a pale peach for the walls- I didn't want traditional light pink, but I still wanted some really airy in there. I love the color and even with no furniture or decorations, it feels really soft and feminine.
The nursery is currently housing boxes of tiles and other supplies but I'm hoping to set it up by Christmas or at least New Year's!  
Even though the main part of the bathroom will be done this weekend, we have to wait for our shower door (it couldn't be ordered until the tile was complete) along with the sink. In lieu of a traditional vanity, we picked out this solid piece of walnut with a rough edge which we will use as a floating vanity shelf. Nick has taken on this project himself and it's looking really good- lots of epoxy and sanding and time but it's definitely the look we are going for.
Finally, we are getting new carpet on our stairs and in all upstairs rooms. The carpet we currently have is terrible- it was replaced just before we moved in and is the cheapest carpet ever, it stains very easily and is scratchy. The new carpet is being installed on Monday and is an eco-friendly carpet so it will not have any bad chemicals or gross stuff in it. I actually haven't seen it since we picked it out a couple months ago so it's a surprise for everyone ;)  
While our contractors have been amazing and going above and beyond on the job, we won't be sad when these projects are 100% done. Showering in Hayden's bathroom, around his sleep schedule and having to go downstairs in the middle of the night to use the bathroom aren't my favorite- but it will all be worth it in the end! Until then, let's hope for no more delays and smooth sailing for these projects! 

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