Monday, December 15, 2014

on slowing down this holiday season

Usually at this 10 days before Christmas date, I start to get anxious about all the things I have to do, the plans we need to make, the cards I need to send, and the last minute presents to buy or wrap. Not so much this year. I still can't believe that Christmas is just around the corner but I'm not feeling stress about it, just excitement for all that family time and for Baby Girl's due date to be even closer.
I mentioned before that I ended up Christmas shopping back in November, right after Halloween. I did all my shopping online and was able to get almost everything wrapped several weeks ago. I did this mostly because I knew that I would be tired and super pregnant by the time the actual holiday season rolled around, so my usual shopping in the stores wasn't going to be as easily accomplished. However, an unexpected side-effect of shopping so early was that this Christmas season has been a lot less hectic and stressful. Yes, we are renovating several rooms upstairs (#chaos) but overall we've had a more mellow and less commercialized holiday season than in the past- and I love it. 
We've had more time to do activities with Hayden, stay home and just enjoy each other's company rather than running 10 million errands each day. I love that Hayden has a real sense of joy and excitement about the season this year and even though he's a little young, I am trying to teach him about the true meaning for the season.
Our quieter holiday season has translated into less stress, money, and time decorating the house and more time for us to spend with our families. I know that our slowing down is a definite byproduct of this supergiant pregnant belly but I am hoping that we can continue this less-is-more tradition for the years to come.
So for the rest of the season, we plan on reading books, wearing the heck out of our Christmas pajamas, baking a little, and savoring time together as a family of three (for a little longer anyway!).
I hope you are also having time to enjoy the holidays!  

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