Wednesday, December 10, 2014

christmas house

Let me start by saying 35 weeks pregnant + a sick but exuberant 2 year old + 4 weeks of house renovations + work deadlines + the holidays does not make me a very good blogger. However, I couldn't let a year go by without documenting Christmas at our house. As with everything this year, we are trying to simplify in the name of pregnancy exhaustion! I think Hayden and I decorated the house in an hour and pulled out only a few of our 7 Christmas boxes from the garage- but, it's just enough and I love the little Christmas touches around our house. 
The entryway is a little festive with a gold and white paper garland and a TJs boxwood wreath. I love love fresh greenery at the holidays. 
More greenery + some pretty votives on the hall table. 
Oooh the tree.... This poor tree was purchased and delivered the day after Thanksgiving and then it sat with just lights until last night when we finally managed to find time to hang up our ornaments. However, you may notice it's leaning to the left slightly (my fault- trying to put it up on my own). Also, the lights went out on the bottom left, and now as I sit here, the top of the tree is looking a little dark too... Maybe, maybe I'll buy some more and try to string them in between the ornaments. In all likelihood, it may stay as is. (Again- pregnancy exhaustion!) 
Our mantle looks pretty much the same as it did last year. Would you believe that Hayden hasn't tried to touch the stockings once? I'm amazed. (Now that I said that he'll probably go straight for them!) 
 That's our little Christmas 2014 tour, bad iPhone pictures and all! It feels quite cozy in here, even with all the construction going on upstairs! 

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