Monday, December 29, 2014

christmas 2014 recap

We had a lovely Christmas with our favorite two-year-old. This year felt a bit more relaxed than most with both Hayden and I getting a chance to nap in the middle of the day! We spent the first couple of the hours of the day at home opening presents and playing with toys with Hayden. He received a play car garage from Santa and that present has been a hit each day since. 
Even though we only got him a few presents, he was still overwhelmed and we ended up saving some to give to him when Baby Sister arrives (as a peace offering ;) ). His other favorites were these crayons, and this coffee maker.
After our morning at home, we headed to my parents' house for brunch and another round of presents. Hayden was a happy kiddo and Baby Girl got spoiled too with lots of fun art and gold and white accessories and clothing.  Once the nursery is put together, I'll make sure to share all the fun things we have in there!
After nap time, we had one more stop at my aunt and uncle's house for more family time and dinner.
Despite naps, all of us were in bed by 8 pm and asleep before 8:30!
Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas as well!

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