Friday, December 12, 2014

5 on Friday

1.  35 weeks pregnant- My due date is a bit over a month from now and I'm definitely feeling it!  This bump is legit and I'm feeling myself slowing down and just feeling not great in this final stretch. Even going on a 2-3 mile is getting to be a lot for me. But overall, I can't complain- I've had a healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy and am so thankful for that. 
2. #25daysofchristmas So, I can't commit to the elf on the shelf or a daily advent gift/calendar thing for Hayden. However I decided to try to do one special and holiday-ish activity with Hayden each day. Nothing major or even really planned out in advance- just something small to keep us feeling festive this season. So far we've done some baking, decorating, and crafting. I'm really enjoying these little activities, especially knowing my time is going to be in demand in the next month or so!
3.  Kids are unpredictable. The end. This week Hayden's decided to take to sleeping in until 9 am, but conversely not napping and getting way overtired by the time 6 pm rolls around.  The last couple weeks he was taking 3 hour naps and sleeping great during the day - so who knows?!
4. Cookies all the time. Have you ever had Trader Joe's Peppermint Joe Joe's?? I'm not much of a chocolate eater or store-bought cookie fan but these are amazing. I may have eaten the whole box (minus a couple) this week by myself... Definitely dangerous to have around.
5.  Fall of Giants. Have you read this book or others by Ken Follett? One fortunate side effect of pregnancy-induced insomnia is that I have plenty of time to read lengthy books that would otherwise take me forever to get through. I finished this 850 page book in about a week and a half, thanks to many 2am - 5 am reading sessions. It was so good and now I'm on to the next one in the trilogy, Winter of the World. I highly recommend Fall of Giants if you like historical fiction and have plenty of time on your hands ;) 

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