Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014, another one for the books

Oh 2014: 
Another year past as a family of three. We are so thankful for a wonderful year full of blessings and good memories. Our biggest and best memory, of course, is finding out that our family was growing. We spent the majority of the year looking forward to transitioning to a family of four and preparing for Hayden's little sister to arrive. 
This year was a little different than the last. I feel like we didn't have as much time to slow down and take things in - we were always on the go! We celebrated second birthdays and 29th birthdays. Hayden started preschool, wore a cast for a couple weeks, and moved into a big boy bed. We traveled around the country and made it to Austin, Charleston, New York City, Disneyland, and Tahoe. We made some big changes in our house, finishing our kitchen, (almost) finishing our master bathroom, and adding a nursery. After two and a half years, our house truly feels like a home and we love spending time here. 
We had some challenges this year and we learned how to value one another even more and value our precious time together when work, pregnancy, and parenthood demands ate up most of our time.  We learned to cherish this season of our lives and to continue to build a stronger marriage in spite of the craziness.
We lost a precious family member in August and were grateful that Hayden had two years to get to know the wonderful man that was his Great Grandfather. 
2014 was a year of change and growing. It was eventful and busy but we still had time to enjoy the quiet moments of our lives and to appreciate all that we have. In 2015, I hope we have a quieter year and more time spent together. We are looking forward to our biggest change yet as we welcome Baby Girl in just another week or two. We are excited for what lays ahead and grateful for what we've learned from 2014. 
Farewell 2014 and happy new year to all!
Jess, Nick, and Hayden  

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