Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thankful for...

my sweet sweet two year old
my hard working hubby
6 and a half years of marriage to my best friend
a family that (mostly) lives close by
baby girl and a healthy pregnancy
our house becoming a home over the last year
best friends
a super flexible job
the city where we live
manicure dates with my sister
seat heaters in my car
my parents and parents-in-law who are always helping out with Hayden
rainy days
Christmas music 
long walks with our family 
my mom friends/ our playgroup
Thanksgiving food
scented candles 
kisses from Hayden 
dates with Nicholas
maternity leggings 
Hayden's wonderful preschool
fires in the fireplace
my faith 
baby gap
staying home with H
online shopping
Lucy and Henry
living less than a mile from Target
mild California weather
 the Amazon kindle app

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