Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Last Tuesday we took Hayden to Disneyland for a quick trip. The trip was kind of a last minute decision. Nick had to be down in LA for a meeting on Wednesday/Thursday and plane tickets were cheap. Even though we are planning a bigger trip to Disney next summer with our extended family, we decided that one last super-special vacation as a family of 3 would be fun. 
Before we booked everything, I looked up the height requirements for the rides to make sure that there would be plenty for us to do. Luckily, Hayden could go on pretty much all the rides, except for the roller coasters, which was fine since pregnant ladies are banned from those as well. 
We got up early (thank you Daylight Savings Time) and headed to Downtown Disney outside the park before it opened. We had a good breakfast, Hayden got a Jamba Juice, and we got much-needed coffee for the day ahead.
Once inside the park we went to the Teacups first because there was no line. Hayden loved it!
We skipped around to different rides, picking ones with short wait times. Our favorite was the Peter Pan ride which none of us had been on before. We also got to meet a few of his favorites- Mickey, Daisy, and Goofy. He was impressed. 

After a trip on Pirates of the Caribbean, we took Hayden (and ourselves) back to the hotel for a late lunch and afternoon nap.
We woke Hayden up around 5:00 and headed back to the park for a few more rides.
He really love the carousel and rode it with both Mommy and Daddy.
We let him pick out a Mickey to take home. Mickey has been sleeping with him each night and is already very well-loved in our house.
On Wednesday morning Hayden and I got up early for our flight back up to the Bay Area. The 50 minute flight was super easy and I wish all our flights could be that short!  



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