Friday, November 21, 2014

5 on Friday

Thanksgiving Week! I can't believe it's already here... We are celebrating the first of two Thanksgivings tomorrow and I'm excited to spend time with family and eat plenty of good food. I'm making my first pecan pie following Martha's recipe, so fingers crossed for a good result.

Santa pajamas and all things Christmas... This year has been extra fun so far in terms of the Christmas season (even though it hasn't really started yet). Hayden is so much more aware and excited about Santa, Christmas trees, and Christmas lights. He has several pairs of Santa/Christmas pajamas and it's bee a struggle to get him out of them into normal clothes this week. Since it's been kind of dreary and rainy here, I haven't been pushing him too hard- I wish I could wear pajamas all day long too, kid! 
Your weekly renovation update: We are somewhat halted in our master bathroom progress because the shower head we ordered won't be here for another 2 weeks. Our contractors can't start tiling or anything else until it gets here... so we wait. However, they have started working on our other project, the nursery. We are adding French doors and a window to my old office so that it's a light, bright space for Baby Girl. The french doors were framed out and the interior window hole was cut yesterday and the space is already looking so different. 

Nursery I have everything ordered for the nursery (crib sheets, crib skirt, rocker, a new dresser, light fixture, ottoman, etc.) so that it will be ready to go when this room is complete. I'm really, really excited to design this space and of course I have my crafty momma and sister to help me out. We are planning some fun window treatments and a very pretty mobile for the space.  Here are a few of the pretty things headed our way: 

 Advice please! We have had Hayden in his own bed for a couple months now and it is going pretty well, but not great. With all our moving around for naps (due to the renovations) he's been sleeping so well at my parents and parents-in-law - like 3+ hour naps. At our house, not so great. I'm wondering if it's because he's back in a crib at those places? Do you think bed rails would help? It's not just nap time that's a struggle. He's waking up way more often at night than he used to and we go in just to reposition him or cover him up. He still sleeps his usual 11-12 hours at night. Anyway, I don't know.... The idea of being up with both kids in the middle of the night is daunting so we'd love to figure this one out before too long!

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