Friday, November 14, 2014

5 on Friday

Successful Trip to NY: I had such a great time on my trip to New York last weekend. I got tons of quality time with my BFF, picked out bridesmaid dresses for her wedding, went to a fun party, and got to do some shopping. The weather was nice and fall-y compared to our 80 degree weekend back here in CA. The not so fun part was the travel back and forth across the county at 30 weeks pregnant. I survived but I feel like it's going to take me another week to recover!
Bathroom Remodel Progress: Our bathroom started right on time early Monday morning and I'm so excited for all the progress made this week. The whole thing was gutted, the electrical and plumbing moved, and the building of new features has commenced. I love our contractor and every time they finish a day's work I am thankful x10 that Nick and I are not attempting to DIY this one.  #waywayoutofourleague
Napping on the go: Because this was demo week and everything was super noisy at our house, Hayden and I have been traveling around to both sets of grandparents' houses so he can get a nap in. Baby Hayden could have slept through the noise (he did when we redid our floors downstairs) but Toddler Hayden is having none of it. Luckily he's been a napping champ, sleeping 3+ hours when we get to a quiet space, giving Momma lots of time to work during the day.  Thank goodness for my adaptable little guy!
All that Christmas shopping: Since I finished my Christmas shopping, things have been arriving the last week or so. I cleared some space on a shelf in our closet but we are already running out of room. I can't wait to get our tree and start wrapping all these fun goodies!  
Potty-training, round 2: We are committed to another try at potty training this weekend. We've read the books, and prepped as much as possible and hoping that it sticks this time. It's our last shot before Baby Sister comes since we don't want to pile too many changes on Hayden at one time. Wish us luck! 

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