Friday, November 7, 2014

5 on Friday

1. Christmas shopping....done! I know, I'm as amazed as you are but I think it has to do with the pregnancy/my nesting urges. It's making me very decisive. I made a list and spent a couple hours online last weekend and got everything ordered (except for Hayden's Santa gift). This is so rare because I usually love to go out shopping at the stores and never start before Thanksgiving... but Baby Girl is due just 2 weeks after Christmas so it had to be done! Don't worry- that's the only pre-Thanksgiving Christmasness I'll be doing....
2. Speaking of decisiveness: I picked out tile for our bathroom, carpet for our bedroom, and a whole bunch of other home-related items for our renovation. Let the games begin- everything starts on Monday! Goodbye 80's bathroom.... 
3. Up-up-and-away: My final pre-baby flight is happening today! I'm heading to New York for a girls weekend with my BFF. So excited!
4. 30 weeks! For some reason this number feels big just like it did last time... It feels like we are in the final push (we are) and this baby will be here before we know it (she will). I'm so excited to meet our sweet little girl and see Hayden interact with his sister. And also not to be pregnant anymore #goodbyeheartburnhellofeet
5. Favorite purchase of the moment: City Select Baby Jogger. I know, I know- something only a mom could get excited about but I'm obsessed with our new stroller. Even though Baby Girl won't be here for a couple of months, we went ahead and purchased our double stroller because Buy Buy Baby was having a deal where you got the second seat for free (usually $175) so it was the right time. We took this one with us to Disneyland this week and it was the easiest stroller to take traveling. I love it! 

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