Thursday, October 23, 2014

the cleaning files: tackling the laundry

This might be a boring post for some, but truly it's something that's been a game-changer at our house. Nick works a lot of hours during the week so that he can focus on his family on the weekends. I work 30 - 40 hours during the week but my schedule is very flexible, and I have time during my day to focus on the cooking, cleaning, shopping, and most importantly Hayden. It's a very ideal situation for our family and I'm so lucky that we have it. However, in an effort to make our weekends just about relaxing and not about catching up on a million chores, I try and do as much as possible during the week in terms of keeping our house clean. I used to follow a cleaning schedule and do a little bit each day, but that kind of fell off during this pregnancy and I've switched tactics and do a big, fast cleaning on Friday mornings. Hayden likes to help and it's nice going into the weekend with a freshly cleaned house. 
One thing that has always been a struggle is laundry. We just have never been good at staying on top of it in our whole 6+ years of marriage. We used to have two big laundry baskets in our closet and Hayden had a smaller canvas bin in his closet. The laundry baskets held a lot and I always waited for them to be full to do a wash- meaning I was washing like 4 loads of laundry at once. The folding and putting away obviously took a while too!
About a month ago, we invested in one more stylish and smaller laundry hamper for our upstairs hallway. (Hayden helped pick it out from the Container Store.)  We donated the laundry hampers from our closets and used Hayden's for toy storage. Now we have one place to put all the family laundry. It fills up quickly, but that means I'm doing laundry more often and therefore it's done in more manageable, smaller loads.
My favorite thing about the new laundry system is that Hayden is a great helper. He loves to put his clothes in the hamper each night and close the lid. He also is wonderful at picking up Daddy's clothes should they end up on the floor ;)  
I usually fold laundry in the mornings while Hayden is playing downstairs or eating breakfast and put it all away before we go to bed at night. Only putting away a few things per person makes the task much less daunting.
Also, since we use a natural laundry detergent without any fragrance or dyes, I will have no problem throwing Baby Girl's clothes into the mix when she arrives as well. The fewer separated loads, the better!  

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