Thursday, October 16, 2014

our favorite Halloween books

We have been enjoying the Halloween season over here and pulled all our Halloween books out of storage on October 1st. Hayden loves reading with us so we have a good selection. Most of these were purchased pretty cheaply on Amazon or at Target.
1. The Berenstein Bears: Trick or Treat: A favorite classic for both Nick and me when we were little. 
2. One, Two...Boo: A hidden flap book that has cute illustrations.
3.  Owl Babies: Not a traditional Halloween book but a cute and simple to understand story. 
4. Llama, Llama Trick or Treat: A short board book featuring our favorite storybook character! 
5. Stellaluna: Not strictly a Halloween story but all about a little bat. I love this book! 
6. Where's My Mummy?
7. Room on the Broom: A little long, but a fun story- I read it really fast so that we can make it through the whole book with Hayden. 
8. Five Little Pumpkins: A cute little rhyme. I used to do this one with my Kinders back when I was teaching and it was always a favorite.  

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