Monday, October 13, 2014

Hayden's Toddler Room

Now that Hayden is sleeping in a big boy bed, I decided that I wanted to give him room a few little updates as he transitions from the nursery stage. His nursery was all about soothing, calm colors but his big boy room is colorful and fun- perfect for an active 2 year old boy! 
We removed one dresser from his room and consolidated all his clothes into his current changing table dresser. We're hoping that potty training will commence in the next month or two and that changing pad can be moved over to "Sister's" room.
Hayden's bedding is from a few different sources: the sheets are Land of Nod, the blankets from Home Goods, and the throw pillow was sewn by my mom last year. The bed is from
If you've been reading our blog forever, you may remember this desk that my father-in-law built for our apartment. It's been sitting (mostly unused) in the current office/future nursery. We love the desk, but I never really work at it and it was taking up a lot of space. So Nick cut down the legs and now it is the perfect height for a play table for Hayden. Hayden picked out the chairs with me at the Container store. He couldn't decide on one color so we came home with an orange, blue, and pink chair. Hayden is a big fan of art time so I love that he has a little space for drawing/coloring/playdough in his room. 
The curtains were made by my mom. I saw these curtains on the Land of Nod website and thought they would be perfect for H's room. However, I wasn't crazy about the price. We did a little Ikea hack and used their simple long white curtains with some yellow fabric sewn in stripes. 
I got the rug about 6 months ago on It's an indoor/outdoor rug with a little bit of a plasticky texture. The texture surprised me when I first got it but it ended up being a happy accident. This rug covers the carpet well and is easy to clean - perfect for a toddler room!  
We've used this chair in H's nursery for the last year or so. (It first lived in our living room). We don't really use it much anymore because we've taken to reading books on the bed or in the teepee. However, we're short on space in this house and so it stays in here for now! My mom and I are talking about making a slipcover for it since the blue is a little dark and it would be nice to protect the fabric for when it does get to live in a grown-up space again. 
I love how everything turned out and how the whole vibe of the room changed to match Hayden's personality. I also like how it has an unintentional "camp" kind of theme with the arrow sheets, the teepee, the lantern, the rope pulls on the dresser, and the tree branch lamp.  I'll probably continue to tweak it for the next couple months, but it's done for now!
I'm so happy we were able to give Hayden his own special big boy room before Baby #2 arrived!  

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