Friday, October 17, 2014

five on friday

Zoo day. This week we joined some friends at the Oakland Zoo. It was Hayden's first trip ever and he had a good time (despite the 90 degree weather!). His favorite parts were the giraffes, elephants, and the train ride around the zoo.
Sweet boy. Nick was sick last week with a cold and I got it this week. Luckily it seems to have skipped Hayden. He is so sweet- he's been patting me on the back and saying, "Poor Mommy." and "Did Mommy cough? Did Mommy sneeze?" whenever I do. 
Renovations. We haven't started yet on Baby Girl's new room but we are a few steps closer in the process. We also decided to remodel our master bathroom and give it less of a 1985 look and more of a 2014 look :) We are working with our contractor to finalize plans and hopefully start that work soon. Here are some of our inspiration pictures for our dream bathroom. All via pinterest.
Light Reading.  I feel incapable of reading anything super serious these days so I usually settle for quick books that I can put down easily. I recently finished Mindy Kaling's book and loved it. She's just so funny and down-to-earth seeming.
27 weeks- what what? I can't believe we are already at the end of the second trimester- this pregnancy is flying by! We are less than 3 months from our actual due date... ay yi yi! 


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