Tuesday, October 28, 2014

first time in the trenches

Yesterday Hayden woke up throwing up in his bed. And so started the day of the stomach flu at our house. I feel like going through the stomach flu is a right of passage as a parent and we survived round one (of many, I'm sure!).
Luckily, I only got thrown-up on once and Hayden stopped throwing up before his nap.  It was so sad/cute when he was warning me that he was going to the throw up. He told me that his "herccups" (hiccups) were hurting and he needed Mommy to kiss his mouth.
He slept 3.5 hours and then woke up in a cheerful mood with no more sickies... until 1 am this morning :/  
He got lots of Mickey time, snuggles with Momma, and a steady diet of pedialyte and saltines.
We are hoping that it was really just a one-day bug and we're on our way to recovery well before Halloween.  

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