Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Baby #2 Shopping List

We're lucky that we have most of what we need already for when Baby #2 makes her debut. We were well stocked with Hayden and are reusing most of what we had - crib, diapers, changing pad, bobby, high chair seat, breast pump, monitor, ergo, etc. We have a short list of things that we need to purchase for this baby. We decided to space out our purchases so that we can make 1 per month for the next several months (and take advantage of our Buy Buy Baby Coupons!). Here's what's on our list and why:
The one we used for Hayden was a hand-me-down from his cousins and is going to expire soon. We had a chicco last time and really liked it, plus we have 3 bases for it so we don't have to purchase any more.  
We have a BOB running stroller now and really like it but aren't interested in a gigantic double-BOB. We're hoping for something a little more compact and all my research points to this one being a good choice. I like all the configurations it can have, plus the heavy duty wheels. 
We used the Moby wrap with Hayden and I liked it but it was thick and a little cumbersome. I've heard nothing but good things about this wrap- especially for shorter mommas! Plus the stripes are the cutest. 
Knowing that I used our rocker last time all the time, we are willing to make an investment in a nicer one that we can use for a long time. I like that this one is stylish so that it can also live in a non-nursery once those days are over! 
We bought this cheap sound machine for Hayden right at the beginning and have been using the same ocean sound every night- even on vacation. We decided that using the exact same sound for Baby #2 will be helpful when they have to sleep in the same room, like in a hotel, for example. 
 //swaddle blankets//
We used aden&anis swaddles with Hayden and they were our favorite, hands down. They're soft and breathable and they hold up really well. He still uses his swaddles to sleep with at school and on trips. The 4-pack was perfect so that we always had clean ones and when it was cold, we would use two together.  
Of course, I left off clothes and nursery accessories from that list, but these are the basics that we are planning on with Baby #2.  

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