Friday, October 10, 2014

5 on Friday

 My favorite candle: I've loved this candle from Anthropologie for years. It always reminds me of fall and winter and makes our house smell so cozy. Hayden and I picked it up last Friday and I've been burning it everyday since then. (Although it should be noted that Hayden was lobbying hard for a red candle instead.)
Goodnight Moon: The other night Hayden and I went for a walk and it got dark pretty quickly (funny how that happens in October... we were tricked by the hot weather in thinking it would still be light late).  We saw the moon, which prompted all sorts of "good nights" from Hayden. Some of my favorites: "Good night, barking dog." "Good night, abacus"  "Good night, Mommy's belly."
Jennifer Garner: I've always loved her but even more after this statement! So refreshing.
Our love of Chipotle: Hands down our favorite (and really only) "fast food" restaurant.  Hayden and I love Chipotle and will often get take out from there when Nick isn't around. (Nick likes it too but they get it catered a lot at work so he has it way more often than us). The other day we had a little lunch date there and Mr. H ate every last bit of his taco. 
Baby snuggles: I got this picture on my Time hop app the other day and it just got me so excited about naps cuddling with a sweet little babe again.  Nothing better! (14 weeks and counting...) Both Nick and I have tried laying down with Hayden in his new bed when he wakes up at night and we've both received a few inadvertent slaps in the face.... 

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