Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Having a 2 year old is so much fun (and drama!) Hayden is always chatting and  he cracks us up on the daily.  I want to remember all the cute little things he says before he grows out of this stage. Already, he's speaking in longer sentences and sounding less and less like a baby. Here are some of my current favorites:  
I was picking up dinner and I told the hostess, "I'm picking up an order for Jessica." Hayden quickly chimed in with "Reisfelt". 
At Home Goods, the cashier reached over with her scanner to scan something in my cart; when she finished, Hayden told her "Good Job!"
He tells us all the time, "That is correct!" with lots of enthusiasm. 
Whenever he gets upset or hurt lately, he says "I bumped my ______. Mommy kiss it."  Things I have kissed so far" all his fingers, his hands, feet, belly, head, knee, hair, shirt, and elephant...
Recently on his changing table he was kicking his feet and kept kicking me in the stomach. I told him he had to be gentle because Sister was in Mommy's tummy and we didn't want to hurt her or Mommy. Now he tells me all the time, "Be nice to Sister." 
When he cuddles on my shoulder while I'm hold him, he pats my back and says, "Ohhhh Mommy."
When he wants to be picked up/held: "Mommy, I hold you? I carry you?"
Counting... He loves to count and can count to 20 but consistently leaves out 15 and 16. Now he pauses after 14 and says, "What's next?" waits for us to say 15, 16 and then goes on to 17. He also shouts Hurray!  when he gets to 20. 
We found little pumpkins at Trader Joe's this week and bought a few. I asked him if he knew what they were and he guessed apples. When I told him they were pumpkins, he started calling them "Pumpkin Breads".
 These last pictures are of Elephant. Apparently it was time for Elephant to go to sleep so he pulled out a dish towel and covered him up on the kitchen floor. Then he laid down on top of his and made little snoring noises. 


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