Friday, September 26, 2014

4 on Friday

1. #targetdoesitagain Have you seen there new fall line with neutrals and golds? Love love love it! I may have picked up a couple of gold pillows for our couch...
image via
2. Big transition: I ordered Hayden's mattress and bed this week and they will both be arriving October 1st. We have nowhere to store them, so we will be starting him in his new bed that night. We're hoping for a smooth transition but expecting that it could be a little challenging as well! (I ordered these cute Land of Nod Sheets for him as well) 
 3. BFF weekend! My best friend is flying out from NYC this weekend and I'm so excited to catch up and eat a lot and celebrate her birthday! (Side note, we need to take more pictures this time around since this is the only one I have...) 

4.  Fall is here! It's been slightly cooler this week than usual and it actually rained here in California yesterday. We're hoping the "Fall" weather hangs on and we don't have another typical California Summer that lasts until Thanksgiving... 

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