Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hayden's Surgery

Tuesday morning we took Hayden in for surgery on his foot to remove a piece of glass that he stepped on back in May. Due to scheduling conflicts with the surgery center and a lengthy cold on Hayden's part, we were rescheduled 3 times and finally made it to the surgery, almost a month later than planned. 
We got there at 7:45 and were lucky that Hayden was in a good mood and not asking for anything to eat or drink since he wasn't allowed anything before surgery. He found a red fire truck in the waiting room and that kept him occupied for the better part of an hour and a half before the surgery. He refused to wear a hospital bracelet or gown so ended up going back to surgery in just his diaper.
Nick and I were able to go back with him while they were administering the anesthesia. The anesthesiologist told us that he could administer it really quickly if Hayden was fighting the mask or slowly if he was doing okay with it. Hayden was fine with the mask and we sang 2.5 rounds of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star before he was out. My voice caught a few times and I was so close to tears watching him go under. After he was out, they led us to the waiting room where my mother-in-law, Susie, kept us company and reassured us for the hour or so before the doctor came out. As soon as we were in the waiting room, I promptly burst into tears (pregnancy hormones/feeling so scared about everything).  
Everything went really well with the surgery and they were able to get the few small shards in his foot and clean out any dirt. They also cast his foot so that he could get around on it while it was healing this week.  
When he was starting to wake up in the recovery room we went back and again my heart broke seeing him strapped down in the bed with his IV and breathing mask. He was crying a lot and really disoriented. The nurse was really great and got him out of bed so I could hold him while he woke up. We sang lots of songs and talked softly while he slowly came around. He ended up having some residual mucus in his lungs from his previous cold so they wanted to monitor his oxygen for a little while longer. Hayden kept trying to get the IV out of his arm and wasn't too happy when he saw his cast either.
We got the all clear to go home so  Susie and I took Mr. H and Nick headed off to work. At home, Hayden was still very groggy and quiet so we sat on the couch and let him watch a little Mickey and after about 30 minutes he started perking up, eating and drinking a little and trying to walk around on his cast.
Seeing him in his little red cast is the saddest/cutest thing ever and I'm glad it's only for a week. He was such a trooper. His granny was such a big help and everyone at the surgery center was really great too. I'm so lucky that our first "major" medical incident with him wasn't really major at all. We're spending the rest of the week at home recovering and staying dry and looking forward to the big birthday party this weekend!  

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