Tuesday, July 1, 2014

goodbye june!

Is this summer going by way too fast or what? I can't believe it's already July! In July we get to celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary and Nick's last year of his 20s. Then in August it's birthday month for Hayden and me. Lots of fun! Anyway, here's a quick look back at some of the little moments of our first month of the summer- mostly just for documentation's sake ;) 
Is anyone else's kid obsessed with the dog at Old Navy? Hayden loves it and we always spend a good 10 minutes on either end of our trip petting the dog and talking to it. 
June saw plenty of park time! We love the park- especially when Daddy can come with us!
We also had our first solo (non-work) flight without Hayden when we traveled to New York. As much as we love our boy it was sure nice to travel unaccompanied for once! 
Apropos of yesterday's post... Sometimes the only way I can sneak in a shower in the morning with Hayden opening and shutting the shower door and throwing all the bottles everywhere...
Strolling together downtown... until he says, "Momma, I hold you?" (aka pick me up!) 
Sharing a seat and post-nap yogurt with Mommy.
Playing at the doctor's office. Poor little thing has a piece of glass in the heel of his foot and is probably going to have to have surgery to get it out. We are still waiting for our surgical consultation and praying that it just comes out on it's own. 
Bart train selfies on the way home from our favorite Friday nights at the Oakland Museum. 

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