Monday, June 2, 2014

summer bucket list

This summer is looking like a great one. Hayden is at an age where he enjoys activities and gets excited about things so I made a list of things that I hope our family can do this summer: 
Swim at the pool 
Make s'mores in the backyard and read bedtime stories in the tent 
Go to the library twice a month for new books 
Have a sunset picnic at the beach 
Visit the Oakland Museum for Food Trucks and Live Music on Fridays 
Go to Lake Tahoe 
Make homemade ice cream 
Celebrate a stupendous 2nd birthday (oh and a couple of 29th birthdays too ;) ) 
See fireworks 
Go to the Little Farm and feed the animals 
Visit the Zoo 
Pick strawberries  
Ride a Merry-go-Round  

What fun things are on your summer to-do? 

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