Monday, June 16, 2014

last weekend

Sadly, our little family wasn't together for Father's Day weekend but we still managed to all have a good time. My youngest brother graduated from college in Oregon on Saturday so my siblings and I road-tripped up there to meet up with our parents and celebrate Matthew. He also turned 21 last week, so we had some extra festive celebrations. 

I missed my boys a lot - especially since we were in New York and away from H last weekend too. No more weekends away from that babe for awhile! Nick and Hayden went up to the mountains with Nick's mom and I got plenty of adorable video and picture updates throughout the weekend, plus a few Facetime calls from my guys. 
We decided to post-pone our Father's Day celebration for Nick until next weekend, so he'll get his pampering and breakfast in bed then. I didn't want to totally ignore the day so Hayden and I made him a little book to celebrate our favorite guy. We sure do love him and all he does for us. He's the best!
This summer has just started but it already feels like it's flying by! Hayden starts a preschool summer program next week, and we'll be traveling again for the 4th of July in another couple of weeks. We're working on plans for both Hayden and Nick's birthday which are both fast approaching! It's going to be a good summer- I can feel it!  

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