Friday, June 13, 2014

Five on Friday

1. NYC. Last weekend Nick and I had an amazing time in New York. My best friend got engaged and it was her fiancĂ©'s 30th birthday so we had lots to celebrate! Nick and I had never been to New York before but we packed in a lot in our quick trip- we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, ate so many good things, saw Grand Central Station, and walked through Central Park. Such a fun trip! 
2. On the road again. My youngest brother is graduating from college tomorrow so siblings and I are road-tripping up to Oregon today. Hayden and Nick will be spending time in Truckee, since the Oregon trip might have been a little too much car time for Mr. H. 
3. Quiet moments. One of my jobs is off for the month of June so I'm enjoying a little extra free time during the day. Not every minute of Hayden's naps have to be dedicated to work so I even had a minute to sit outside a read a book in the middle of the afternoon- what-what?
4.  Speaking of Reading... I've finally had time to read something other than parenting or educational books and I am so happy. I'm currently reading The Goldfinch and I really love it. It's long and I don't have too much time (except those flight back and forth across the country) so it's slow-going but I still love the story. 

 5.  Hayden. What Friday recap would be complete without at least one mention of my favorite almost-two-year-old?! This kid cracks me up on the daily. He has quite a vocabulary and it seems to be expanding everyday. The other morning he was walking around with his toothbrush, loudly proclaiming, "I love it... so soooo much!" He also found my glasses in the bathroom drawer and decided to try them on for size... 

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