Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Goodbye Pacifier: what worked for us

You guys... we are officially a paci-free house and so excited about it! We were afraid Hayden would be taking his paci to college with him (okay, not really...). However, we were surprised at how easy the transition was and the unconventional trick that actually worked. 
When we tried taking it away a couple months ago, we had lots of anxiety both on our part and Hayden's. He was so attached to it and slept well. He would tell us when he was ready for bed and he would close his eyes the minute we laid him down with his paci in his mouth.
Then last a little over  a week ago, Nick accidentally shut Lucy in Hayden's room and didn't realize for a little while. He was so happy to have her in there and laid there chatting to her until Nick ushered Lucy out. The next night we intentionally left her in there and we didn't give him the paci. He cried a little then talked to her again and was asleep within 15 minutes. Lucy came out when he was down and she went back in there during the night when he cried and stayed with him until morning. 
Naps were a little trickier because it's not as dark and Lucy didn't really want to stay there during the day. So we lost a few naps over the last week but overall he went back to his schedule of napping, sans paci.
Now we don't leave Lucy in there with him for night or naps and he's making the transition well. He's not quite as easy to put down as before since he tries to stall with one more book ('night moon') and then sometimes cries for a little bit after he's been put down.  He's never cried more than a couple of minutes. 
 I think he still misses his pacis but I hid them all with the intention of throwing them away when he can't see me so I think the need will fade soon. We are so proud of him for sleeping on his own and giving them up and grateful for our Lucy girl and all her help in the manner. 

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