Friday, May 30, 2014

Five on Friday

Oh hello, blog; nice to see you again. Things have been busy busy around here, leaving little time for night time blogging! Anyway, here are 5 snippets from the past couple weeks:
1. We made a table! We (well actually Nick) built this beautiful console table for our dining room. Since this picture we stained it and moved some things around so I'll have a real post about it soon.
2. Haydenisms: This kid has been cracking me up lately. The other morning I went into his room to get him out of his crib and he said, "Hey Man!" when I opened the door. Others include, "yike!" (instead of yikes!) and saying "please, thank you, welcome" all in a row when he wants something...
3. New York! This time next Friday, Nick and I will be flying to NYC to spend time with my BFF for the weekend! It's our first time in New York and it will be a quick trip, but I'm still so so excited! 
4. Favorite beauty product: I have been using NARS Illuminator for the last couple months and I'm a huge fan. I always use lots of sunscreen on my face so it doesn't really get much of a tan and this product gives a nice summery glow that looks natural.
5. Birthday Party Planning: Hayden's birthday is 2 months away and I know that seems like plenty of time for a 2 year old party but I still want to start planning now because I know this busy summer will get away from us. His favorite color is yellow, followed closely by green so I'm thinking of tying in those colors somehow. I want to keep things a lot simpler than I did last year!

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