Friday, May 16, 2014

5 on Friday

  1. Hot, hot, hot! This week has been near 100 most days and we've been spending our mornings at the park while it is still a little cool. It gets so hot in the afternoon that we mostly stay inside to keep cool. 
  2.  Speaking of staying cool, I made this recipe and used a popsicle mold since I was too lazy to get out the ice cream maker. Healthy and pretty tasty! 
  3. Speaking of popsicles, I can see them being a popular treat this summer. I have heard really great things about the Zoku popsicle maker and really want to get one. I think homemade popsicles are the best since you can control the ingredients and use lots of fresh fruit. Hayden is a fan of fruit and veggie smoothies so I have no doubt he would enjoy popsicles too! 
  4. Speaking of Hayden again, we have been doing pre-potty training with him and he very enthusiastically sits on his potty and has so off an on for the last month. He loves his potty books and sitting there. For the last month we've been in the "orientation stage" with the potty. This week however, we a few successes and he was so excited and proud of himself. We are starting a little young, knowing that we don't want to rush it at all and to make it an experience that is non-stressful for everyone involved. I highly recommend this book for pre-potty training and taking a "gentle approach" to the process. 
  5. Sandal Shopping: My Target sandals of last year haven't held up too well and I'm looking for some new ones since I wear sandals basically everyday of the summer (perks of working from home).  I looooove these ones but I think my husband would agree that they are a bit pricy for sandals. So, I'll continue the search! 

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