Wednesday, May 7, 2014

21 Months with Hayden

At this point, it feels a little silly to be counting in months still, so I've started telling people that he's almost 2. Every day I love this sweet little boy more and more! His personality is really shining through and I would describe him as mild-mannered, loving, affectionate, easy-going (but also a little easily frustrated) and silly. He loves to hang out with me when we are at home together although he's been a lot more independent lately. 
Eating: We are still in a no-fruits-or-veggies stage and I'm starting to realize that it might be a texture thing. He likes dried fruit, some roasted veggies, and smoothies but raw or steamed- no way! He knows so many words now and asks for food by name, including cheese, yogurt, meat, cookies (ha), mango,  milk, water, eggs, toast, and chocolate (chocolate milk- a rare treat!). He also loves hummus (which he calls yellow). He also says yummy, yucky, and tasty when describing his foods. 
 Talking: This kid is like a sponge, soaking up everything we are saying and trying it out himself. My favorite words/phrases of his are: "high-five", "I did it.", "How about..." "Love you Momma" "Essie" (for Lucy), Counting to 13, "Hey, belly." and his favorite color "yellow", "please" and "thank you", and "careful".
Playing: This little guy still loves the park and is getting more adventurous with the big slides and big kid swings. He loves his building with his blocks, playing with Lucy, going "outside", bubbles, and sorting things. His favorite toy of the month are these sorting barns (thanks Granny and Papa!). He has plenty of pretend phone calls with Momma, where he is usually Daddy and goes through a whole (brief conversation)! His favorite activity is reading. We could sit and read 6 books in a row and he would be totally transfixed. His favorite books right now are anything Llama, Llama, Go Dog Go, Have You Seen My Hat?, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Goodnight Moon, Brown Bear, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We've been going to the library most weeks to restock so that we can keep fresh books in the house! 
Sleeping: He is still a pretty good sleeper, taking a 2-3.5 hour nap a day and sleeping about 12 hours at night. With Daylight Savings Time, we pushed his bedtime to 8:00 and he's doing well with staying up a little later. He recently started sleeping with a pillow. 
Temperament:  We know we got lucky with an easy little guy this time around! He is so affectionate, throwing his arms around me and saying "love you" and giving kisses. He can get easily frustrated if he has difficulty doing something but is usually pretty mild mannered. We have had to do more disciplining and time-outs in the last couple months but I think that just comes with the age. He understands what time-out is now and he is good about staying there and then being very remorseful once he's out of time-out. He has gotten a little bit more shy when out and about, but warms up to others pretty easily. He loves to be held by me still and in my arms when we are out. I have back-to-back weekend trips away in June and am already feeling some anxiety about leaving my sidekick. 
Other thoughts and changes: He stopped going to daycare and is going to be starting preschool next month so we are spending even more time together than usual, which has actually turned out really great. He is OBSESSED with Lucy and would love to lay on top of her at all time. Poor Lou does a good job putting up with him and she is always excited to see him each morning- even if he wears her out! We are starting "pre-potty-training" with Hayden this month. He's shown an interest, and enjoys sitting on the potty and reading his potty books. I'm not going to push him because I don't want this to be a negative experience so right now I'm guiding him and we'll see where it goes! Anyway, I can't believe this kid is really almost 2 (wasn't he just born?!) I love him to the moon and back and am so blessed to be his momma and spend my days with him. 


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