Tuesday, April 1, 2014

super simple curtain update

We've had plain white IKEA curtains hanging on our windows pretty much since we moved in. I had trouble committing to a lot of color or pattern in big ways, so the white has served us well- even if it is a little boring. I decided a while ago that with our lighter grey walls, they needed a little something more to stand out. 
So I bought a couple of spools of black grosgrain ribbon and used some iron on hem tape to line the outside of each curtain with ribbon. The whole process took maybe 10 minutes per curtain and was so easy. I just lined up the ribbon with the hemline of the curtain to create a straight line. 
The dining room curtains have been lined since last fall and the ribbon has stayed in place so I think the hem tape works well for the long haul.

The black trim isn't something you'd notice right away but I think it's a little detail that makes a nice overall look.


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