Monday, April 21, 2014

Our Charleston Vacation

On Friday night we got back from a weeklong vacation in South Carolina. We spent the first weekend in Rock Hill to attend a friend's wedding and then headed to Charleston for the remainder of the time. We loved Charleston! I have been there before, back in high school but it was Nick and (obviously) Hayden's first time. The architecture is amazing and we were lucky to stay right downtown within walking distance of almost everything.
While we definitely had a great time, I will say that traveling with a toddler is more challenging than traveling with a baby. Hayden was also sick the first half of the trip so we were dealing with that. We did a lot more kid-friendly activities to keep Mr. H happy, but in the end we were just grateful for some family time and sleeping in! (We kept Hayden on West Coast time for the most part which meant we could go out to dinner a little later and he slept in until 9:30 - 10 each morning).
Prepare for an onslaught of pictures! We had a few days of yuck weather, so we ended up at the aquarium one day. Hayden LOVED the fish and turtle, but did not care for the sharks or jellyfish.
We went for a walk our first morning there and got caught in a rainstorm with no umbrella and a 15 minute walk back to our hotel.
We tried out the Charleston Children's Museum, briefly. It was a really cool place but packed to the gills because of the rain. We only stayed for about 45 minutes because the crowds were too much.
Our favorite experience was the carriage ride. It was an hour long and we got to learn so much about Charleston's history and see some amazing houses too. Hayden enjoyed the tour too and kept yelling "again" every time the driver would stop at a stop sign to urge him on.
We also visited Boone Hall Plantation, which was another great time. Nick and I both enjoy history and it was such an interesting place to visit.
Charleston had a really great food scene and we tried sampling different restaurants when our toddler would allow it.  He actually has pretty good restaurant manners for a one and a half year old, but also definitely has his limits!
On our last night there we made it to the beach on Sullivan's Island so that both my boys could see the Atlantic for the first time. We had thought we would spend more time at the beach this trip but the weather just wasn't quite there.
We really had a great time, though are so glad to be back home too! Thanks for having us, Charleston!  

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