Thursday, April 10, 2014

life lately...

Things are a little crazy around here! We are heading to South Carolina tomorrow morning at 5:30 am (eek!)... We are going for a friend's wedding and staying for an extra week for a family vacation in Charleston. We are a little nervous about such an early (and long flight) with our toddler, but we've had decent luck on the plane so far with him flying to both Austin and Hawaii. In preparation, I bought a few new toys, books, snacks, and some special toddler-sized headphones for the iPad. We're crossing our fingers that things go smoothly! 
In other news, we are in the middle of having our kitchen backsplash installed and it's looking soooo good. I'm *almost* sad that we are going on vacation, since I won't be able to use it at all until we get back in another week.
Between shopping and packing for this trip, and for Easter (since we will be coming back right before the holiday), finishing up our taxes, finishing up work projects, and enrolling Hayden in preschool (another story for another day), and having contractors here, this week has felt like a marathon! We are definitely ready for this vacation to get here!

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