Friday, April 4, 2014

Five on Friday

1. Paci Progress? We're still battling the paci over here and we've had a little progress in giving it up. When he stayed the night with my in laws he slept fine without it. Of course, at home is a different story. However we made it 3.5 hours the other night without one... baby steps...  
2. Happy Birthday Lucy Lou!  We celebrated Lucy's 8th birthday on April 1st and she got showered with toys and treat and sung to not once but three times at Hayden's request. She also got lots of "coooogies" (dog treats) as handing them out is Hayden's current favorite thing to do. We sure do love our silly dog and even more so with the amount of "love" Hayden gives her everyday.
3. Getting ready to vacay! We are heading to South Carolina next Friday for a family friend's wedding and a week long vacation in Charleston. We are crossing our fingers for some nice weather and looking forward to being on the other coast! 
4. Shopping with a toddler is no joke. I try and do most shopping online these days, but sometimes it can't be helped. Last weekend I was trying to find a dress for Nick's work event and had no choice but to bring Hayden along. Unfortunately, he figured out how to unlock the dressing room door. I spent most of the time with my hand pressed against the door jumping in and out of clothes as fast as possible. 
5.  Bath time cuddles... I captured this sweet little moment after Hayden's bath on yesterday morning. When I give him a bath lately, the second he gets out he wants to jump into my arms and cuddle. He tells me me loves me and it's the sweetest thing ever. It reminds me so much of when he was a baby. Of course 2 minutes later I'm chasing his naked buns around the room trying to get a diaper on him! 

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