Tuesday, April 22, 2014

counters and backsplash

 As I mentioned before our trip, our new backsplash was completed! As the installers were doing their thing, I was just so happy with the way the subway tile looked against the countertops. Our kitchen is in the middle of the house so it doesn't have any window. It's also pretty small- so we wanted to go really light in here to brighten things up. 
On of my favorite things is that the countertop extended back behind the stove. Previously there was just a gap there and I didn't even realize the plan to have the countertop back there. It looks so much more built-in now.

While we were on vacation, our faucet arrived! Nick installed it on Saturday and I love the brass. It's also one of those sinks that you can touch to turn on (a happy accident since I really just picked it out for it's looks!).
Even with the new countertops and backsplash, we are not calling this kitchen done yet. Our list includes repainting the cabinets (ugh!), changing all the switch plates to white, and finding new hardware for the cabinets that matches the brass of our faucet. We are a little disappointed that the effort we put into painting our cabinets hasn't held up. They look okay from a distance but there are quite a few chips in the paint. Also, we didn't paint the underside of the cabinets last time, but we will this time around since you can see the wood tone peaking out. Still, even with some more work ahead, I am so happy with our current kitchen- it's such a change from where we started:


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