Monday, April 7, 2014

bathroom art

Sounds classy, no? This little art project was brought to you by one too many days of rainy weather, a little late night Pinterest perusing, and the desire to make a small change somewhere! We have been taking on some big house projects lately (countertops, backsplash, dining room etc.) so it felt nice to make a small and inexpensive project for a change. 
On Wednesday, in between conference calls and during Hayden's nap, I got out the paints and a large canvas from Michaels and went to work creating something colorful. I was inspired by this picture from Pinterest and wanted something bright and fun.  I took several painting classes in college and I really do love it, though I no longer have the time or space to spend over a month on one painting. An hour... maybe! 
Anyway, I started by layering dots of one color and then another and then used my finger or a paper towel to blend everything. 
Hayden woke up when I was about 85% finished but he was happy to eat his lunch and watch me paint for a few more minutes. He kept saying, "Wow Momma!" (It could have been about the turkey he was eating... I don't know)
Since I didn't paint the sides, I wrapped the canvas in black electrical tape- my cheap version of a frame and hung it in our downstairs bathroom. I love the bright colors on the dark dark walls and it looks much better than the little print I had hanging there before. 


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