Friday, April 25, 2014

5 on Friday: Easter Recap

Five on Friday 
Easter was a busy weekend for us! It started on Saturday with dinner and a little egg hunt at my parent's house. Hayden was so funny lugging around a basket as big as him and saying "did it!" every time he put an egg in the basket.
Sunday morning we got up early for church. Nick and Hayden survived the first half before they went outside to walk around.We also gave Hayden his basket that morning. His Easter basket was a hit. He kept carrying it around all week and taking things out and putting them back in again.
We hosted brunch for Nick's family at our house after church and we had a great time celebrating with them!
This little guy went through 3 outfit changes on Easter as the day kept getting progressively warmer.
We ended the day with an Easter "lunch" with my extended family. Great food and company and plenty of warm sunshine!
Hayden and my cousin Phillip always end up twinning on major family holidays- this year in their mint green!

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