Tuesday, March 4, 2014

workin' on my fitness

Bathing suit season is creeping up on us, which always makes me want to kick my fitness routine into high gear. I'm definitely not the most intense person when it comes to staying fit, but I do try and be active at least once a day (aside from the usual chasing around a wild toddler...). I feel so much happier when I'm working out regularly and hate when I get out of the routine. 
I've found that the easiest way to incorporate a workout into my day is to make Hayden a part of it. Nick works long hours and so I usually try and have a workout done before he gets home for the night. That means that a lot of my workouts are runs with the jogging stroller. I've been an on-again-off-again runner for 14 years and I love that it's a simple way to get in a workout. No need for equipment (other than good running shoes) and you can do it right from your front door. Some apps that I really like for running are Map my Run (free!) and Running for Weight Loss. Map my Run is good for recording your distance, pace, and calories burned throughout a workout. I've started using Running for Weight Loss on my runs for the last few weeks and I really like the app. It uses interval training (running, sprinting, walking) to help you burn more calories and run further. 

While I like running (usually!) sometimes I crave a little change in my routine. Last week I joined the gym so that I could take some group classes. So far I've taken a Spin Class and a Core/Cardio Class and liked them both. The gym has childcare too so I can take Hayden with me if I need to. 
As for workout gear, I hate spending money on work out clothes (and pajamas) so I buy cheaper work out clothes when I can. I really like Old Navy's line of workout clothing, especially their compression leggings. I can usually find them on sale at the store for less than $15. I wear these from Fall to Spring to run outside. I prefer to wear tank tops most of the time and my favs are from Gap Fit. They are long and stretchy and really comfortable. 
So that's how I get it done around here, definitely not the most strenuous or regimented routine but it works for me!  

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