Thursday, March 13, 2014

That hole in our wall..

The infamous 80s shutters have officially left the building and in there place we now have this beautiful walnut framed window/shelf. (THAT I LOOOOOVE!)  My father-in-law, Bob the Builder and Nick built it out of walnut last weekend. We loved the color of the wood so much that we didn't stain it at all, we just put a few protective coats of polyurethane on it since it is right above the sink. Nick and Bob decided to extend the ledge out on either side of the window. We can use it for a picture ledge or just leave it as is.
With a wider shelf, our little bench set up from the shutters days was looking a little off.
I basically tried every table combination, since we did need something on that wall.
Then I decide to try our behind-the-couch cabinet and I loved the way it looked under the window- just perfect. Well, moving the cabinet resulted in me moving around the entire downstairs... but that's another story for another day! 
My friend Dani came over yesterday morning and she ended up styling our entryway for me. Love love love the combination of grey + gold + white + wood + greenery. It's working for me ;)  (also... sorry for the night time pictures!) 
The only problem now is that the rug that's been there just really doesn't go. I'm not too upset about it since I bought it on clearance for $30 and I think it would be a nice addition to our patio this summer. However, now I'm on the hunt for a new rug. 

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